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Note: If you are experiencing pain this should be dealt with at an appointment separate from the comprehensive exam.

So that we can fix the pain please let the receptionist know that you are having pain.

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Meet the team

Led by renowned dental expert Ian Harper, Harper Dental and Orthodontics is a highly-skilled multi-disciplinary team of skilled dentistry and oral health professionals providing a wide range of Dentistry services in Ballarat. With a strong reputation spread by word of mouth from satisfied clients, the team offers general dentistry, orthodontics, with dentistry provided under both local anaesthetic and sedation, ensuring that patient comfort and experience comes first, and with a special focus on dentistry services for people who are nervous about attending.

We are also passionate about treating children’s oral health and educating them in improving and understanding why it is important to keep healthy teeth and gums, instilling “good habits” to prevent gum disease in both children and adults. Click here to see biographies for each of our team members.


What we do.

We offer comprehensive dentistry which changes everything that you want changed, and which changes everything you need changed.

Over the years our practice has studied extensively in rehabilitation of the broken-down dentition, orthodontics, crowns and bridges, root-canal treatment, implants, veneers, porcelain fillings, “same day crowns”, and cosmetic dentistry. And we rigorously update our knowledge with each new advance in the field.

We offer a professional service to the Ballarat region in creating or restoring the most healthy and beautiful smile you can have. This is much more than vanity – a great smile is your ticket to a happier and healthier life. It lies at the heart of everything to do with well-being, self-confidence, appearance and beauty.

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