I think my teeth are crooked

You have crooked teeth if your teeth are:

crowded - crammed together

OR – most of your teeth are fine but one tooth is sticking way out

OR – your top front teeth are leaning way back in your mouth

spaced - gapped

This can be due to 1 of 2 causes

  • your teeth are physically too small
  • your teeth have been pushed too far forward by your tongue

prominent - too far forward

The perception that the teeth are too far forward is usually something that is very personal to the patient. Commonly when I see a patient who is complaining that the teeth are too far forward the smile still looks really good. However, what we think of our teeth is very unique to us and it is not down to the dentist to say what is right or wrong for the patient. The dentist can give guidelines but it is up to the patient to say how they want their teeth to look.

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What can straightening your teeth do for you?

You give yourself a chance of having a great smile

There may be other factors reducing the idealness of your smile, misalignment may be just one of them.

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Your teeth will be healthier

Straight teeth are easier to brush. As a practice we find that patients tend to look after their teeth when they know they look good and are an asset in their lives. That’s quite understandable – why bother caring for something that has never done you any favours?

There are 2 Common solutions for crooked teeth: veneers or orthodontics.

Sometimes the single solution for crowded teeth can be veneers only.

Sometimes the best solution is orthodontics only.

Sometimes it’s both.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “one solution only” thinking:  veneers or orthodontics or clear aligners. Sometimes it is one solution but a different one to what you were thinking or its a combination of solutions, like orthodontics and veneers.

It can be all a bit mind boggling to try to think up all the different solutions and permutations.

How can you ever get your head around it all?

Orthodontics after treatment

So what's best, Orthodontics or veneers?

It’s horses for courses.  Orthodontics is better in some situations, veneers are better in others. How can you know what’s best?

The main difference between the two options is:

Veneers can correct

  • Discolouration
  • Very mild crowding

But cannot correct

  • Moderate/severe crowding

Orthodontics can correct

  • Mild/moderate/severe crowding

But cannot correct

  • Discolouration

If I don't want to have brackets put on my teeth are veneers the only other option to straighten my teeth?

Definitely not! There is a great alternative solution which, depending on the unique circumstances of your case, can still give you your ideal smile.

What I am referring to is using clear aligners to move the teeth, rather than brackets and archwires.

Most young people will suffer more frequently from crowding than discolouration and so orthodontics is usually the best option for them.

As we age both crowding and discolouration become increasingly problematic so an ideal smile for an older patient usually involves both orthodontics and veneers

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Would veneers be more suitable for fixing your teeth or would orthodontics?

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