Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns are the best way of restoring broken teeth

Basic white filling Full coverage crown Same day crown
Completed in one day
Prevents further tooth breakdown
Promotes the health of the tooth nerve

Please note that these advantages are general advantages of each restorative method. What’s best for a  tooth should only be determined after a full examination of the mouth, gathering information about a patient’s desired outcomes, general health of the mouth and the existing environment.

What makes the same day crown so much better than the alternatives?

Completed in one visit – similar to a basic white filling, while a laboratory made crown requires 2 visits separated by 2-3 weeks to complete.

Prevents further tooth breakdown – similar to the laboratory made crown, the porcelain crown arrests the tooth fracture process. The basic white filling does not do anything to prevent continuing fracture development around remaining cusps or in the base of the cavity.

Promotes the health of the tooth nerve – due to the preparation technique less tooth is removed, leaving the nerve in the tooth likely to stay alive for longer than the conventional alternative.

If same day crowns hold so many advantages then is the need for laboratory made crowns now redundant?

There are a small percentage of patients who have a bite so strong and so destructive that a porcelain crown would not survive in their bite. For these patients a traditional, full-strength crown is still recommended.

2 teeth before being protected with a porcelain same day crown 2 teeth after they have been protected with a same day, porcelain Cerec crown
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In the 21st century we should be able to put a crown on a tooth all in one visit.
In the 21st century you should not only be able to complete it on the same day but that it should be healthier for the tooth than the 20th century answer.

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