Sedation dentistry

For those who are highly nervous about having dental treatment sedation dentistry is one of the greatest blessings

You could be suitable for sedation dentistry if you have ever:

  • cancelled or failed to turn up to a dental appointment because you were too scared about what would happen
  • treated severe dental pain with painkillers/antibiotics for a prolonged period of time because you are too afraid to go to the dentist
  • postponed getting a dental examination because you are too worried about what the dentist might find

Dental phobia is a very serious issue and, for those who suffer it, can be devastating in its effects.

We are here to help you, not lecture you, and you will not find any judgement from us when you attend, no matter how long it's been since you were last at the dentist.

There are 2 types of sedation, conscious and unconscious

Conscious sedation consists of Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) delivered through a nosepiece.

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During its administration you’re fully awake throughout and aware of what is happening but much more relaxed. Its effect comes on in 2 to 3 minutes and wears off after approximately 5 minutes. These timings can vary between person to person but not significantly.

It is commonly used for adults with mild anxiety or a gag reflex, or children having treatment. It is mild in its effects.

Unconscious sedation means that you are fully asleep and is more akin to the kind of sedation that you would receive in a hospital for a medical procedure.

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To perform this we use the services of a specialist anaesthetist, fully trained in administration of anaesthetic drugs, and using the equipment which will keep you safe.

When you attend for an unconscious sedation the only thing that you will be aware of is the anaesthetist asking you to count down from 10, then the next thing you are waking up with all the dental treatment having been completed.

It is ideal for adults who have severe dental phobia and require a lot of work to be done or children who also require a lot of work to be done.


What treatment can be done under sedation?

Any treatment can be done in the dental chair can also be done under sedation.

Some treatment can be made more difficult by the process of sedation but generally speaking those can be overcome straightforwardly.

Some treatments do involve multiple visits, however, this is not a common occurrence and we will always try to carry out the most onerous part of the procedure under sedation.

Who is not suitable for sedation?

Almost everyone is suitable for sedation, even those who are very old/young, and even those who are medically compromised. However, to ensure that the sedation can be carried out safely the anaesthetist will request some tests to be carried out prior to the sedation. They can then advise on the suitability of sedation for you.

How do I go about getting underway on the sedation process?

The very first step is to make an appointment for a comprehensive exam, during which we will gather all the information necessary to complete an effective treatment plan for your needs. We will then discuss this plan with you and work out how to complete this under sedation.

After that the anaesthetist will request some tests for you to do and we can make the appointment for the sedation and dental treatment. Generally speaking we try to get all of the treatment done within one visit.

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